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Available In-Store + Online!

Discover Un·New

At I M SHE we believe in giving good quality clothing a second chance!
Our carefully curated Un·New Collection features previously owned skirts and dresses in excellent, like-new condition, offering sustainable and budget friendly alternatives available both In-Store + Online!

Why you'll love Un·New

  • Quality Assurance: Each piece is thoroughly inspected to ensure it meets our standards for quality and condition.
  • Variety: The Un·New Collection offers a wider variety of styles and options than we usually can carry in our inventory.
  • Affordable Prices: Enjoy the styles you love at prices you will appreciate.
  • Sustainable Fashion: Make an eco-friendly choice by purchasing pre-loved clothing, reducing waste, and supporting a circular fashion economy.


Contribute to Un·New

Do you have gently used skirts and dresses that you no longer wear and would like to turn them into cash?
We are now accepting / buying items to expand our Un·New Collection!


Un·New Guidelines


To maintain our commitment to quality all items must meet the following guidelines...

Condition: Items must be in excellent, like-new condition, with no stains, tears, or significant wear.

Style: We accept only current styles that align with our brand’s aesthetic.

Cleanliness: Items must be freshly cleaned before submission. We will not accept any items that are soiled, have strong scents, or pet hair.


To Submit your Items...

  1. Make sure your items follow the guidelines above.
  2. Bring items to our Brick and Mortar location during business hours and if at all possible a sales associate will immediately inspect your items and let you know what will be accepted. Should a sales associate not be able to inspect your items immediately, your items will be inspected within 24 hours and you will be contacted.
  3. Fill out submission form so payment (check or store credit) can be mailed to you. Payments will be sent out on Thursday of each week.