Pie Weight Jar

Pie Weight Jar

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Dreaming of that perfect, crisp pie crust?

These small round natural unglazed ceramic stoneware baking weights are a great way to keep all your pastry shells bubble-free and shrink-free. Just cover pierced unbaked pie shell or dough with cooking paper and fill with pie weights before baking to prevent uneven rising. Remove weights after blind baking, hand wash and allow to dry before storing in the included container for future use.

A must-have for homemade pies with moist, unbaked fillings such as pudding, cream, or meringue.

Imagine how delicious your quiche Lorraine, Berry tarts, apple, peach, blueberry, lemon meringue, and banana cream pies will taste with perfectly crisp crust. Bring ease to blind baking!

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