Halftee Basic - White
Halftee Basic - White

Halftee Basic - White

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Basic HALFTEE is an all-around layering half shirt with a remarkable blend of relaxed fabric. The blend makes it both supple and stretchy.

It has a non-slip band and a cap casing that gives you matchless coverage.

The cap-sleeve is ideal for those moments when you require a little something above your shoulder to complete your look without the needless bulkiness of typical tops. You will adore the cozy gentleness of the Basic HALFTEE. It is very comfortable, you won't even remember it is even there!

Basic HALFTEE is reversible, offering everyone the chance to have a lower or higher neckline; everyone has a diverse inclination and body types. The modesty of Basic HALFTEE blends smoothly with your fashion without difficulty.

The Basic Halftee is designed to improve and enlarge your wardrobe, without the immensity of other layering camisoles and shirts. It can also be worn underneath to offer ad

Made in Mexico

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